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Mighty Oak Music Festival is back for round two in Jacksonville! We've decided to move the festivities to Downtown Jacksonville this year. Mighty Oak will be invading the Elbow on May 29th and 30th with shows at Underbelly and Burro Bar. 

Mighty Oak is a DIY festival that looks to showcase the music and art scenes that are growing throughout Florida and the south east. Our state/region has so many musicians and artists to be proud of, and we could think of no better way to appreciate that than through two days of music and camaraderie! 

*Mighty Oak is an All Ages, Community sponsored event*


You Blew It! (Orlando)

Jackson Scott (Asheville)

Look Mexico (Tallahassee)

Frameworks (Gainesville)

Terror Pigeon (Nashville)

Gold Bears (Atlanta)

Caution Children (Jacksonville)

JUDE. (Jupiter, FL)

Adjy (Asheville)

It Looks Sad. (Charlotte, NC)

Michael Parallax (Orlando)

Tantrum (Atlanta)

Priest (Orlando)

Buffalo Buffalo (Tallahassee)

Ben Varian (Gainesville)

Echo Base (Tallahassee)

Fort Stories (Jacksonville)

Boysin (Jacksonville)

Dog Apollo (Jacksonville)

Opiate Eyes (Jacksonville)

Young Adult (Jacksonville)

Modern Art (Jacksonville)

Wise River (Jacksonville)